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The Magic of Cells

Using live action video and sensational computer animation, this video introduces you to the amazing world of the cell.
LESSON ONE defines a cell as the smallest living unit. The general characteristics of cells are illustrated. Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells are discussed briefly.
LESSON TWO guides the viewer on an amazing voyage through the parts of a cell, including the membrane, cytoplasm, and many organelles.
LESSON THREE examines the extraordinary diversity of cells. A variety of cell shapes, structures, and adaptations are presented.

Recommended for beginning biology students.

Cell Division: Mitosis and Cytokinesis

LESSON ONE provides information about cell division - the process by which single celled organisms reproduce; and through which multi-cellular organisms grow and replace damaged or worn-out body cells.
LESSON TWO explains that mitosis is part of the eukaryotic life cycle. Events that occur in each stage of the cellular life cycle, and the relationship of these events to mitosis are described.
LESSON THREE details the four phases cell division. Live action footage shows an actual cell dividing, followed by detailed animations and explanations depicting the key occurrences in cell division.

Recommended for beginning biology students.

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